Thursday, October 30, 2014


This year the olive picking started earlier than usually end October instead of November..

Nice black olives for eating, "Secret Garden" guests will have a chance to taste them during the summer period of 2015 I am making these for you guys, usually they end up with the rest of the bunch in the olive oil tank.

              A helping hand is always welcome... and Platonas is doing 
        his best. 94 trees , take out around 6  that have none...
            it looks like it will take as a couple of weeks.

 little piles of olives waiting to be cleaned of their leaves and            branches ,and put in sacks!


it is a pleasurable 


    ...... but sometimes you feel like 
                 you can't see the end of it.
                          Monkey on the tree.
                       Pruning in my own unorthodox way!

 and God forbid anyone touches the trees I have "trimmed" 
          in my own loving way!!

      more olives...waiting to go through the "red machine"

                              Christo filling the bucket,

 I am so enjoying this thing, saving us what in the old days was done by sitting around the pile of olives picking the leaves and gossiping the time away!
         now we can spend that time under a tree eating 
                          and making jokes.

                                      At the olive press

                                          the lift
                                      the washer

                                                 the wait

                                         The squasher

                                        The OIL!!!!!

Interested in living this experience in combination with a holiday on Paros , contact me by mail: for more details

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